If Nothing Happened To You When You Die How Would You Live Your Life?

As in nothing I mean no after life, no gods, or anything , you are just dead, I personally do not believe it is likely that there is any after life, But I really hope I am wrong, I desperately hope that some thing is out there, I just don’t want to not exist, I will be happy To end up in hell, at least I will still be somewhere, but either way I try to be good to people, and my planet, I hope to life a long life, I eat very healthy, and plan on having a child, so I at least have proof of my life, and a reason, for living

What Do You Think The Consequences Will Be?

So I was supposed to write and give an important speech/presentation at work today to some potential clients but i completely forgot about it and only remembered that I was suppoded to be working on it for over a week when i woke up this morning so i just didn’t bother to turn up for work, didn’t call in sick, just did not turn up. So then my boss called me and said the clients were there everyone was in the board room waiting to hear my speech, where the hell was i? So I panicked and told him that I had been on the way to work this morning but i got abducted by a UFO and probed and stuff and the aliens must have taken the presentation before they let me go. Than I hung up before he could say anything and took the phone off the hook. I am planning on turning up to work tomorrow as though everything is normal but what do you think my boss will say when I turn up? How do you think he will react? How would you react? and what must he think of my excuse?

Are Clinically Depressed People Allowed To Have Firearms?

My fiance has been suffering from severe depression for years and years. I’ve asked him why he doesn’t try to talk to a doctor and one of this reasons was because they’ll make him get rid of his rifles and pistol. Is that true? He’s extremely extremely careful with his guns to the point of paranoia, but that’s good, right? I’m just curious.

Hey I Made A Random Poem Its Funny :)?

sara you MUST!!! comment on this.LOL!!!! inspired by barely political
idioooootiiiiiic woooooords
i think its a stupid act
for guys like us to fight on sect
its all like that they did it first
and we do same but 10 times worst
i’m used to hear poor widows cry
i wish gorge bush just freaking die
i must say i am scared and lie
go to hell, i want an apple pie
idioti words idiotic words
like gays want fedral laws for nerds
watching world war movies make me laugh
now i think i am being a freak
from a fighter i became a geek
my nation will not ever die
while typeing this i think i’m high
i love to watch battles and fights
hate institutes for human rights
they should shut up and just be quite
stop talking just do what is right
idiotic words idiotic words
my nation breeds like cattle heards
birth control organisations make me cry
i think my poems are really bad
crap here comes mom, where is dad
i ask the mighty one in sky
make me of use before i die
and give me my death at night
while in your name i’m in a fight
then a girl’s voice came from the west
said did you study for your test?
(what test?)
idiotic words idiotic words
i guess i just said randome words
now i’m blank and dont know what to write
so did you like my idiotic words?

Guys And Girls: Am I Ugly?

simple question, I’ve been asked out multiple times, but lately I haven’t (mainly bc my school is small and I don’t like any of them that way—>thankfully I’m going to a larger school next year) http://s848.photobucket.com/albums/ab49/loveiscrazyy/Mobile%20Uploads/?action=view&current=meisawesomerr.jpg I know I look sad in this photo, lol, but I just chose one quickly (I usually smile)

Please Tell Me If These Are Possible Pregnancy Symptoms?? Do You Think I’m Pregnant?

I am 19 years old, I don’t ever have a period except for maybe 1 or 2 a year…I am not on any type of birth control or anything like that & no it’s not a disease, i have been checked. I know I still ovulate. I had unprotected sex about five or six weeks ago and again on the 9th of this month. I’ve been sleeping A LOT more than normal lately, like I’ll be typing something and just drift off…for the past few days I’ve had to take naps I’ve been so tired. I have large breasts (size DD) so I can’t tell if they are swollen, I’m mixed (with black and white), so I can’t tell if they have gotten darker (lol) and they hurt sometimes but not too bad. This past week they have been hurting on the sides a lot, my nipples don’t hurt though. Also, sometimes in the mornings I will wake up with an acid reflux type feeling…or heart burn. Last but not least yesterday I had a white creamy discharge, a lot like lotion, it was kind of a lot, but I haven’t had it today…like I said no diseases at all…I’ve never been pregnant before so I don’t really know what I am dealing with here. Please help me and no rude comments. I plan on going to get a pregnancy test soon but I want to see what others think first.
P.S- I know that having a period is not normal. I’ve talked to a doctor, and they said the only way to make me have a period is to take birth control, I don’t feel comfortable taking it because it can cause problems later on in life and i already have trouble getting pregnant, i don’t want birth control to stop me from getting pregnant. I know I ovulate because the doctors told me that I do.

What Happens If You Call A Suicide Hotline?

I’ve been extremely depressed and having bad thoughts lately. If i called a suicide hotline, would they track my number, call the cops, or throw me in a mental hospital? lol…. but seriously I need to know, has anyone called a suicide hotline before?

This Dude Is A Walking Std Help Me I Love U All 4 Answers :)?

okay so two of my friends dated a guy very briefly lets call him…’bob’ even though that’s not his name okay first off ‘bob’ dated a girl who i hate lets call her ‘H’. then dumped her for my friend(T) then breaks up with her to go back out with the same girl he just dumped then dumps her for another one of my friends who’s code name will be ‘Ems” now (H) and (T) hate each other
“Ems and T” don’t like each other and ‘bob’ is a bi sexual *** STD carrying monkey! who started a bad rumor about me and (T) and a different friend.
so my question is…

I Need Help.. Or Advice..?

I’ve had a lot of stress going on in my life..
My brother was in a car accident with someone under the influence Sunday, I watched my grandfather die as he was taken off life support on Tuesday, I haven’t been to school since last Thursday before all this happen.. My boyfriend and I are going through rough patch and were not really speaking.. I’ve been so caught up with everything that’s been going on that I haven’t had time or attention span to focus on a reading assignment for my English class that I’m now failing and just in time for graduation.. and to top it off I think I may be going crazy.. I had an anxiety attack last night because I thought if i fell asleep my heart would stop beating so i stayed up listening to my heart beat for a good three hours..

Chest Injury, Please Help?

so we’re bouncing on the trampoline and my friend comes up flying in my direction..
i push him away, he gets angry for no reason saying it is hurtning him or someshit but i know it isnt becuase i do the same thing with little kids if they fly in my way also. and this guy is seventeen not ten like the kids.
anyways being angry he grabs me i think he’s messing around or someting so i let him have his ‘wrestling’ or w/e you wanna call it move.
im standing up he puishes me down from my chestkeeping his hand on it the whole way down to the bouncy black threading of the tramp. he also jumps down like this, not standing normally. falling down with his hand planted firmly on my chest.when i crash down he forces his hand, with the Gforce of the momentum and basically caves in and breaks my sternum. i know it probably isnt really broken but thats what it felt like
he is like how’s it feel to have the wind knocked outa you. it wasnt being winded at all, i dont even think its possible on a trampoline anyways becuase you are hitting somethin that absorbs your force. anways all i feel is a sharp *** pain when he crushes down on my chest with his fist. my chest is ******* killing me in the midcenter-slightly lower region.
WTF HAPPENED! i cant use my arms for uch becuase every time i do it hurts my chest, breathing sucks, limited movement etc etc
WTF DID HE DO! i know it is maybe nothing but it ****** sucks, ive delt with broken appendages before but this is ******* horrible!